Terms and Conditions:

  1. License and Support: The software provided by Payfro comes with a one-year license and support. This license grants the customer the right to use the software for a period of one year from the date of purchase. During this period, the customer will receive support and updates as applicable. 

  2. Renewal: To continue using the software beyond the initial one-year license period, the customer agrees to purchase the product again at the set price for the subsequent license term. Failure to renew the license will result in the termination of software access and support.

  3. Source Code Modification: Customers are strictly forbidden from modifying, reverse-engineering, or altering the source code of the software in any way. Any such unauthorised modification of the source code infringes upon the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

  4. Waiver of Standard Terms and Conditions: By accepting this license agreement, the customer explicitly waives any standard terms and conditions they may have, even if those were drawn up after these standard terms and conditions of sale. Any deviation from these terms and conditions must be expressly agreed upon in advance and in writing.

  5. Payment and Late Payment: Invoices for the software and related services are payable within 21 working days, unless otherwise indicated on the invoice or order. In the event of non-payment by the due date, Payfro reserves the right to request a fixed interest payment of 10% on the outstanding amount. Late payment may result in the suspension of services without prior warning.

  6. Debt Recovery: If a payment remains outstanding for more than sixty (60) days after the due date, Payfro reserves the right to engage the services of a debt recovery company. The client will be responsible for all legal expenses incurred during the debt recovery process.

  7. Withholding Tax: In certain countries, withholding tax may apply to the amount of invoices based on their internal legislation. Any withholding tax obligations will be the responsibility of the client, and Payfro shall not be liable for any costs related to a country's legislation. The invoice amount will be due in its entirety, excluding any costs related to the client's country legislation.

  8. Performance and Obligations: Payfro undertakes to provide efficient services within the agreed-upon timeframes. However, it is important to note that these obligations do not imply a guarantee of specific results. Payfro cannot be compelled to act as a third party in any claims for damages brought against the client by end consumers.

  9. Claims and Notification: Any claims regarding the software or services must be communicated to Payfro by sending a recorded delivery letter to its registered office within 8 days of the delivery of goods or provision of services.

  10. Governing Law: All contractual relations between Payfro and the customer shall be governed exclusively by Switzerland law.

Please note that this document reflects the updated Terms and Conditions of Payfro and shall govern all transactions and engagements with our customers. By using our software and services, the customer agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions.